Re: QUESTION: Urgent Frame Help

Subject: Re: QUESTION: Urgent Frame Help
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 21:12:17 -0500

Hey, I don't remember anybody asking if the graphic was linked, not
embedded, or what kind of graphic it was. Was this graphic actually linked
from the first? If so, there could be another problem with the combination
of graphic type and link type. What were the conditions? It sounds like the
doc itself is fine, and that the environment is good. And if the graphic
sticks and prints when it's copied and pasted, then it works when embedded,
so the graphic has to be good. How about some more details?

>Thanks to all who replied to me directly (there were a bunch, so I'm
>doing a group thanks). Unfortunately, I tried all of your proposed
>--deleting the frame, creating a new one and reimporting the graphic
>--copying and pasting another "good" frame in its place
>--making sure the path of the graphic was correct
>--making sure the frame was filled with "none"
>--making sure there was no conditional text turned on
>--saving the file as MIF
>--importing other graphics into the frame or just typing text into the
>frame -- still doesn't print.
>The only thing that worked (due to the deadline) was copying and pasting
>the graphic -- literally copying and pasting it onto the page.
>Everything on the page prints except the anchored frame, whether it is a
>new frame or a frame that I copied and pasted from another portion of
>the document. I have plenty of memory (64MB) and am running on Windows
>NT (P166). It's also not the printer. The problem seems to be with the
>actual page -- however, I checked the master pages and everything looks
>OK there... I will forward my question to Adobe Tech Support. Thanks
>again for the quick replies.
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>> Subject: QUESTION: Urgent Frame Help
>> Help!! The graphics on one page of my document has suddenly stopped
>> printing. For no reason! I imported the graphic into an anchored
>> frame.
>> Now it appears that ANYTHING I put inside this frame does not print --
>> whether it is imported graphics, text, or whatever.
>> Any ideas? Is there some preference I should set?
>> *pulling my hair out*
>> MTIA,
>> -Kathy
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