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Subject: Re: Returned mail: User unknown (fwd)
From: John Posada <posada -at- FAXSAV -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:19:15 -0500

> I need some advice on how to deal with prospective clients who offer
> insulting hourly rates.
> i interviewed with a manufacturing commpany in NC who needs a tech writer
> for software documentation. I spent half a day with them looking over the
> software that needs to be documented and had 2 interviews with them.

Melissa...why did it take that much time for rates to be discussed. That should have happened way before this point.

> last night they called me and offered $10 an hour. $10!!!

They can offer anything they want. However, $10 is their expectation and unfortunately, they will find someone to do it that will come close to their expectation. Unfortunately, if you should get them near $25, they will never be happy with you regardless of what you do, how well you do it, and what the product ends up looking like. I'd simply walk away, and let them know why you are doing so. There are many many positions available for tech writers with lots of work, so regardless of their backlog, it doesn't matter. Instead, make contact with a couple of agencies and let them find a serious position for you.

Heck...I live in NJ and have gotten calls from at least three agencies in NC in the last 3 months, so there must not be an overabundance of resources in NC.

> I'm afradi if he calls back with a counteroffer it'll be something like
> $15/hr. i wont take anything less than $25/hr and thats just because I'm
> so new at this. if they hired someone from an agency they'd be paying at
> least $40...

Why let them make the counter offer. You should have made the counter offer after they made the first offer. That's why it's called "counter"

"I'm sorry, did you say $10? Unfortunately, based on the time I spent examining the scope of the job and after discussing the job with your programmers, I cannot accept the position for less than $25 per hour."

> So how do I explain to these guys that their offers are insulting,
> without insulting them by telling them???

By telling them no?

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