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Subject: Re: Tutorials
From: Scott Gray <scotty -at- CM -dot- MATH -dot- UIUC -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 00:40:30 -0600

Thank you Smokey. Since I've started writting materials outside of
Mathematics I've found that while I consider myself good at writing
and designing training materials for the web, I am rather illiterate
in the language and concepts that have been used in the educational
realm for years.

Thanks again

Scott Mills Gray
scotty -at- cm -dot- math -dot- uiuc -dot- edu

"I hear and I forget, I see and I forget, I do and I forget" -- confused.

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Smokey Lynne L Bare wrote:

> ....for your consideration...
> Cognitive Domain is a process, which is composed of phases, steps, or
> levels (whichever you prefer), that is composed of two parts for each
> level. Those two parts are criteria (General Instructional Descriptors),
> and terminology (Terms for Stating Specific Learning Outcomes).
> Since you are in the mathematics arena, let me provide an example: (think
> of it as a three-column table) [Please bare with me - pardon the pun, if
> it does not line up in your E-mail as well as it does in mine.]
> Level Gen. Instruct. Descr.
> Terms for Stat. Spec. Learn. Out.
> *****************************************************************************************************
> (second level)
> Comprehension Understands facts & principles
> converts, defends,
> Interprets verbal material distinguishes,
> estimates,
> Interprets charts & graphs explains,
> extends, infers,
> Translates verbal material to
> generalizes, gives examples,
> mathematical formulas paraphrases,
> predicts,
> Estimates future consequences rewrites,
> summarizes
> implied in data
> Justifies methods & procedures
> Each of the other levels, listed in my original reply to you, has the
> same format with their own information in the two columns. I,
> personally, use synthesis the most. It has 'integrates learning from
> different areas into a plan for solving a problem', along with
> 'formulates a new scheme for classifying objects (or events, or ideas)'.
> When you work with reengineering, or HELP systems, this aids a TC (Tech.
> Comm.) when storyboarding the links.
> Originally used by textbook publishers (my background for awhile), it has
> branched into online design work to minimize the reading work load each
> of us has every day. The best word to describe it is 'specificity'. I
> let the SMEs (subject matter experts) own that, and most importantly SIGN
> OFF on that. I am just the messenger. Hope this helps a little. Like I
> mentioned earlier, I am sure your college educ. dept. has lots of
> reference materials about this methodology. Go to a reference librarian,
> as that is the person who helps me do my searches.
> live from the bare's den.......
> Smokey
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