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Subject: Re: How to Cite
From: Mark Gellis <mgellis -at- NOVA -dot- GMI -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 09:35:45 -0500


Here are two references...

In response to your other question...yes, you can and should use an Internet
source even if another version is available. The Internet is just another
medium and while some media are better than others for certain purposes
(I've sometimes wondered if philosophy wouldn't do better in comic books,
where the dialogue between sides can be presented in a more dynamic form),
no medium is incapable of producing and providing good information. The
more we use the Internet, assuming with use it with care, the more it will
be seen as a reliable source of information, which is can be. (Sorry, this
is one of my pet peeves...I've a recent escapee from the MLA, which does not
even have a web page, as far as I can tell...their prejudice against sources
that are not traditional print sources is very annoying to me, especially
since I have come to realize how alien it is to so many people working in
government and industry where the best way to get information a lot of the
time is the unscholarly scheme of just picking up the phone and asking
someone for the answer).

mgellis -at- nova -dot- gmi -dot- edu

Melanie Palmer wrote:

> Here's one I haven't been able to find...
> How do you list an internet site/page as a reference or citation?? Can
> you? Is it not appropriate (given that a more 'typical' source may be
> available)?
> This was lunch conversation today and I couldn't come up with an answer,
> and ya know, it wasn't in the CMOS (14th)
> Thanks! <should be interesting>
> Melanie
>, or

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