Re: FrontPage 98 Beta Frustrations

Subject: Re: FrontPage 98 Beta Frustrations
From: David Slonosky <David -dot- Slonosky -at- ITLS -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 15:14:20 -0500

On December 2, 1997 2:12 PM, Cheryle Wiese [SMTP:cjwiese -at- HOTMAIL -dot- COM]

> I've never used an HTML editor before, and am not sure that I like it..

There are HtML editors, and there are HTML editors. I've never used
FrontPage, but from what I've heard, it assumes that you want to do things
in a certain way and there's no way the default is that you're smart
enough to know what that way is. So, like you've noted, it does it for

> However, I have a LOT of docs to convert, and using FrontPage does speed
> things up. Our company is also very "pro FrontPage."

Automatic conversion is always a good thing.

> Do others share my frustrations? Is this a function of using an HTML
> editor, or is just because I'm working with a Beta version? Does the
> released version of FrontPage '98 allow for more control over the HTML?

Just remember, you can always open up annoying HTML code in your favorite
text editor and edit it. Most text editors don't make any default
assumptions about your intelligence. ;-) Myself, I'd go nuts with an HTML
editor that reformatted things according to its internal tables, but
that's me. I think the comment about browsers not minding slightly
defective HTML code is assuming a lot of luck with the browser.

I'm also just an editing fiend by nature, so excess tags would bother me
as well., or

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