Re: ISO9000 and sleazy business ethics

Subject: Re: ISO9000 and sleazy business ethics
From: "Walker, Arlen P" <Arlen -dot- P -dot- Walker -at- JCI -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 13:53:34 -0600

As far as I can see, most companies RELY on the fact that the real
user will never check what they really decided to produce with a
quality assurance system like ISO9000.

And if it weren't ISO9000 it would be some other catch phrase. So what? Con
men abound thoughout the world of business. To let them govern your
business decisions is folly in the extreme.

Unfortunaltely, it is almost emptied out of is meaning by the misuse
performed by most manufacturers. In this "unperfect world" I prefer
very much to have an internally defined QC&A system, without the
costs and the bureoucratic complexity of ISO9000. Am I really so

Costs and complexity of it? The entry costs aren't significantly different
from any other good quality management program; in fact, they're probably
lower because the ground has been so well explored by other folks, whereas
if you roll your own program you'll probably spend more time and money and
come up with something less.

Are you wrong? I don't know. And, since your quality programs aren't being
audited for compliance with a known and tested standard, I suspect neither
do you. It's amazing the holes the fresh perspective of someone unconnected
with your own business interests can find in what you thought was a
complete procedure.

Ah, well.

Have fun,
Chief Managing Director In Charge, Department of Redundancy Department
DNRC 224

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