Re: TECH/TOOLS: Need more opinions (Mac!)

Subject: Re: TECH/TOOLS: Need more opinions (Mac!)
From: "E. Forrest Christian" <efc -at- USINGIT -dot- BE>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 11:10:25 +0100

I hate to say this--especially since you have already made the choice--but if
you plan to do color, or even send grayscales or drawings to an outside shop,
Macintoshes works better. Color on wintel machines is so bad it hurts to look
at, and the monitors are impossible to calibrate. Sending a complex
Pagemaker-PC file to a printer can be painful at best, impossible at worst.
(Maybe it is better in other countries.) You can do more with the Mac, and it
can integrate with NT servers. The UI is decrepit, but so it goes.

Of course, there are these people at Agfa-Gevaert who keep pushing Acrobat as
the cross-platform solution for prepress files. This would solve all of our
problems and usher in the new age of reason and enlightenment. ;^)

Disclaimer: I have worked with IBM-clones since 1986. I am writing this on a
Dell Dimension. I belong to MSDN. But I have a Macintosh for all my imaging and

E. Forrest Christian
Using It, bvba
Brussels, Belgium
email: efc @, or

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