Re[2]: State-of-the Art Backup Systems

Subject: Re[2]: State-of-the Art Backup Systems
From: Don Smith <dsmith -at- ACCESSBEYOND -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 07:48:35 EST

Barb writes:

"I do, however, like my Iomega Ditto Easy 3200 tape drive."

I also use a Colorado 1400 (Iomega) tape backup, which backs up 1.4
gigs and it works just fine. One little thing however. We have run
into problems when using the Windows Iomega software for backups. In
at least one major case, it was not possible to reload all of the data
from the tape back to a crashed hard disk and get the reloaded
software to work properly.

I have worked around that problem by using the DOS version of software
(which comes with each Iomega tape deck) as the backup software. In
this case, all you have to have loaded on your disk drive (assuming a
crashed hard disk which now is blank) is DOS and the short Iomega
backup software program. Walla, it works!

I hope this may save you or someone else problems that you don't need.

(I learned later that with Windows, particularly Windows95, some files
are not backed up when you run a backup using the Windows software.
This is due to the fact that these files are dynamic [because you are
IN Windows] and being used in the backup process. I am not a software
engineer [hardware] so I am not sure of all of the details, but for
me, based on what I have actually seen here where I work, its DOS
Iomega software for me.)

Hope this is helpful.

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