Summary of Blank Character

Subject: Summary of Blank Character
From: Dorothy McGovern <dmcgovern -at- PROGSOL -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 14:41:51 -0500

I was looking for a way to insert a blank character (small b with a /)
and here's a summary of the replies I received:

1) From Chuck Beck
cbeck -at- bgnet -dot- bgsu -dot- edu:
"I found something like what you are looking for (I think) in the "Info
font that comes (I believe) with MS Word/Office Suite. The character I
found is a lowercase "b" with a small slash mark through the upper part
the vertical stem of the letter. If you can locate the "Info 25" font,
it is
accessed using the "t" key on your keyboard."

I couldn't find this font - if any one knows where it might be, would
you let me know. Thanks,

2) From John Lord - Technical Publications - Livingston Enterprises,
jlord -at- livingston -dot- com :
"If I needed a non-standard character in a font, I would use a Font
package I have, and design and insert the character in an unused part of
character set, above ASCII # 127, say for example ASCII # 141. Then to
insert it into a Word document I would type Alt + 0141, and the
would be there. This is fine for a local situation, but if this document
were sent for printing, your printer would not have the equivalent
in his standard fonts. He might or might not be able to use the special
that was created, depending upon his printer setup."

3) From Barbi Harrison
bharrison -at- saltinc -dot- com:
"The non-elegant solution is to create the symbol as a bitmap in Paint
and insert
it where ever you need it in the doc."

4) From Bruce H. Johnson - Corporate Knowledge, Inc.
corpknow -at- earthlink -dot- net:
"I had a set of manuals that used it. The documents used a short
field; that seemed to work fairly well."

I used MS Equation, it's spacing feature let me select a character and
use <CTRL+Left Arrow> to nudge the selected character to the left until
it was positioned over the b. What I saw in the Equation Editor and what
I saw when I returned to Word weren't exactly WYSISYG - but it worked
and I was able to include the Equation (my blank character) in
Autocorrect so that I can insert it whenever.

Thanks for all of your suggestions.


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