Degrees, certification, blah, et cetera

Subject: Degrees, certification, blah, et cetera
From: Christy Dawn Langley <GRLANGLE -at- ECUVM -dot- CIS -dot- ECU -dot- EDU>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 18:45:46 EST

I have been reading this thread with much bitter amusement. As a recent
grad (you all remember my lugubrious opine concerning TW jobs earlier on
the list this month) with my flimsy piece of paper known as a Master's
degree, I have to say I certainly wish I had consulted this list two
years ago when I began my MA program. Hey, I could've saved 15 grand and
two years of wasted time!! If only I'd known that you dont need a
*degree* in technical writing, just the ability to *demonstrate* that
you know what you are doing. I feel the sudden need to run back to my
Alma Mater and warn tech writing hopefuls that their degree is just a
silly piece of paper. This list has started me a high
school diploma *really* necessary? Maybe we can convince employers that
this is just a piece of dead wood also and do away with grades 9-12.

I am astonished by the belittlement I have seen concerning degrees. For
those of you who didnt get a degree and who, back in the dark ages, lost
a promotion to a young grad trying to get his/her foot in the door,
rejoice for the tide has turned. As I look down from the mountain all I
can see are greedy companies making money off of the little people who
grease its wheels, unwilling to hire entry levelers or train. AND I see
a sad indifference to TW degree programs....years ago, such programs
DIDN'T EXIST. Someone won the fight somewhere to upgrade this profession
to the level of higher education that it deserves. Unfortunately,
companies and current twers don't think it is deserves such honor.
Afterall, we can always hire our secretary to do the same job...and for
less pay.

Arlen Walker asked why companies couldnt sue colleges when it hired some
ill-fitted, unsuitable grad with his degree...I'd like to ask why I cant
sue my college for falsely claiming that a degree in technical writing
would be worth the time, effort, research, agony, and money I had to
invest to achieve it. Perhaps colleges should be forced to offer a money
back guarantee on their TW degrees. I always wanted to go to law school,

DAWN (http://www.grlangle/dawn)
Pretty as a mid summer's morn,
They called her Dawn....

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