Re: Agency and interviewing questions (long)

Subject: Re: Agency and interviewing questions (long)
From: "Wayne J. Douglass" <wayned -at- VERITY -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 16:21:32 -0800

At 04:38 PM 12/9/96 -0700, Melissa wrote:

>o During the interview, I mention that I have some samples of my work,
>if they want to review it. They always do. When it seems appropriate,
>I bring up each sample in turn, briefly discussing what it was for,
>how I created, why I did this way, and some of the obstacles that I
>overcame during it. I allow them to handle the samples, but if they
>ask to keep them, I usually say no and explain that I have lost samples
>before. They are usually ok with it. (Note: I do plan to create a 5 page
>baby manual that I would feel comfortable leaving, maybe a self-selling
>brochure. Hey, how about an HTML or *.HLP file that I could give a
>copy on floppy to the client?)

At my previous employer, I was experimenting with a product called
ClickBook, which produces booklets by shrinking a standard page down to 5.5
x 8.5 inches landscape in signature. I dumped a self-contained tutorial
chapter to the printer and gave my booklet to a product manager who liked
the tutorial as the "pocket book edition." When that company laid me off, I
made plenty of copies of the booklet to leave as a writing sample, whether
the manager asked for one or not.

I also have .HLP files from various projects, as well as my resume in
Windows Help. The writers at one company wanted to look at the disk while I
was talking to managerial types because they were just getting into online
help and during lunch they talked more about the resume help file than the
actual application help files.

--Wayne Douglass
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