Re: Houston Area Jobs

Subject: Re: Houston Area Jobs
From: Camille Krug <camillek -at- FUTURE -dot- DSC -dot- DALSYS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 13:10:09 -0600

May I make a comment or perhaps an observation here? I apoligize in
advance for some strong comments to follow. But this is my livlihood
we're talking about.

I have been a technical writer for 15 years. My degree is in journalism
and that is where I got my start: working for small newspapers and later,
freelancing in addition to tech writing, for business journals.

During the years, I have become progressively appalled and disgusted with
the lack of professionalism in this field. It seems as if many ppl get
into it with the primary motive of making money. Period. Skills such as
relentless pursuit of information and thorough documenting of a system
(be it medicine, software or hardware) are relegated to the bottom of a
laundry list of requirements along with the basic ability to write an
English sentence that makes sense.

I have pushed hard for certiification among the ranks of STC.
Unfortunately, in Dallas we have very embarrassing representation among
the executive rank. Folks who could not complete a grammarically correct
sentence if they were paid as much as they charge as consultants to do
so. I know. I have had the misfortune to have to work with them and
clean up their work after they've collected their enormous consulting
fees and moved on.

My point? If your aunt has taught technical writing, why is it that she
is clueless as to how to get into the
field?! The fact that she isn't adept enough to locate her own resources
or get on this list (get online) yet is considering training(!) is,
again, frightening.

If there is anyone else on this list that has encountered the same
frustrations (and has strongly considered bailing out of this field for
the very reasons I have cited) please speak up. I imagine that there are.

And, if anyone wants to look at an organization (not STC) which offers
continual opportunities to certify and accredit members for their
education and proven skills (not just schmoozing), check out the American
Medical Writers Association. This organization is run the way STC should
be run: by degreed, experienced, qualified, knowledgable professionals.
Not people who've decided that tech writing is a logical progression from
selling real estate or clerking in personnel.
Camille Krug
camillek -at- dalsys -dot- com (work)
stet -at- connect -dot- net (home)

On Fri, 6 Dec 1996, Stephen Arrants wrote:

> On Friday, December 06, 1996 7:14 AM, Tracy
> Darden[SMTP:tracy -at- HEALTHCARE -dot- COM] wrote:
> >> I have an aunt who lives in the Woodlands who has been a teacher
> >> for 20+ years. She currently teaches tech writing, and is interested
> >> in getting into the field. I have also suggested that training might
> >> be right up her alley.
> >>
> >> Do any of you writers in the Houston area have any contacts I could
> >> suggest to her?

> Doesn't she have any contacts made from teaching technical writing?
> Surely she's involved with the local STC chapter. Hasn't she helped
> students with placement at local firms?

> steve arrants

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