Re: Using MS Word 7 with Long a

Subject: Re: Using MS Word 7 with Long a
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 10:49:00 NZD


due to limited resources and all, i am also using ms word for monster
manuals. i use the RD reference document approach because master
documents are horrible to deal with and i believe only let you insert 20
subdocuments. master documents are also cumbersome if you already have
the files created (and don't start them in master document format-perhaps
this is just my limitation-but i hate trying to convert over). master
documents also cause much hairpulling if your section headers and footers
change alot in chapters. pplllltttt (raspberries)!

the only problem with RD is dealing with page numbering. working with the
RD method is also easier in terms of getting in and out of files (that
are smaller and with linked graphics).

in all honesty, we are twisting ms word to its limits and it's a drag.
due to limited resources and continuity-i'm stuck with ms word or word
imperfect but would jump all over frame given the financial fortune.

stay cool!

laura praderio
mcmurdo station, antarctica
praderla -dot- mcmurdo -at- mcmurdo -dot- gov

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