Re: DTP Shootout

Subject: Re: DTP Shootout
From: Don Smith <dsmith -at- ACCESSBEYOND -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 12:51:55 EST

I am so happy someone else took the plunge and mentioned Ventura
Publisher. People love to write Ventura off, but it was the first
really good PC based DTPublishing program. (Back in the DOS days.)

With version 4.2 (now rather famous to some of us) Ventura hit the
best that they ever came up with.
They released a Version 5 after Corel bought them and it was a dud
(MHO). Many writers at this point either:
1. Went to Framemaker (reluctantly) or
2. Went to Word (more reluctantly) or
3. Went to Word Perfect (even more reluctantly), or
4. Stayed with version 4.2 (most likely and what we did).

They have just released version 7 which I guess is what Alex was
referring to. I will order the update and hope that it is everything
they say it is. I (and the writers I work with) really hope that it is
good and helps Corel Ventura restore some of the greatness of the old
Xerox "Ventura Publisher".

Donald A. Smith
Senior Technical Writer
Access Beyond

My opinions are mine - Not other peoples.

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Subject: DTP Shootout
Author: Alexander Von_obert <avobert -at- TWH -dot- MSN -dot- SUB -dot- ORG> at INTERNET
Date: 12/5/96 12:52 PM

Alex Wrote:
>Hello Tim,

>BTW: They showed Corel Ventura 7 - a complete rewrite. Rumors were that no
>one dared to touch the GEM kernel of the old Ventura. For Ventura veterans
>de>monstration was quite stunning - most of what they showed was in the
>PageMaker domain before. But until now I even refused to install Win95 or

Gr>eetings from Germany,


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