Re: PageMaker to FrameMaker

Subject: Re: PageMaker to FrameMaker
From: Jeremy M Lerman <jeremy -at- INSPEC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 10:18:23 +0200

I once had to convert a set of documentation produced on a Mac version of
Quark 3.1 to Word 6 for Windows. Even though the applications are different
to those discussed in this particular thread, I believe the methodology I
used might provide similar results. Let me know!

The key is to make sure that text and graphics flow together. This means
cutting floating graphics and pasting them into the main PageMaker body as
inline graphics. The leading will be somewhat off but, not to worry I have
the remedy to this formatting quibble at home and I'll post it to this list
on Sunday morning (after the weekend break). Having said that, I think, in
PageMaker, it involves turning the Autoleading feature off and specifying
100% or 120% leading instead, and specifying Baseline not Proportional
leading, but I'll check it out anyway. Once again, bear in mind that any
text or graphic that doesn't flow with the main body of information will
not be included in the final file. Save the file as RTF. If PageMaker asks
which story to save, cancel and cut and paste all floating text and
graphics to the main body of know what I mean by now.

The above worked just fine for me with Quark, and when I opened the RTF
file in Word 6 for Windows, everything was there - graphics and all. And
they even printed with no hassle!

However, header and footer and other master page items are NOT retained;
never mind, making master page elements is a comfortable experience in
FrameMaker, especially if you use the Variables feature, and anyway, it'll
be good practice for you although, depending on the number of converted
files you have to work on, you might find listening to a little music will
more than help fight the insanity blues.

Hope this helps - let me know,

Jeremy M Lerman

jeremy -at- inspec -dot- com

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