Re: Should I apply? [Ref:C469216]

Subject: Re: Should I apply? [Ref:C469216]
From: Tom Tomasovic <Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- NATWEST-PLC-NY -dot- NWMARKETS -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 04:31:19 +0000


Two points:

1. You have nothing to lose by contacting the director of alumni services
and checking this thing out. If what you find out confirms your impression
that you are not qualified, don't apply. Just DON'T go in saying, "I'm not
qualified. Can you come up with something else?"

2. NEVER, NEVER underestimate yourself. (I am now managing the
production and distribution of operating documentation for a MAJOR
international investment bank. When I first got here, I was hired as a
temporary word processor. Not bad for an opera singing chemical engineer
who knew/knows little or nothing about banking. To quote my boss, "We've
got lots of people around here who know about banking, we need somebody who
can handle documentation, and I think you can do it.") You will never know
what about you or your qualifications will appeal to someone who is hiring.

Good luck and keep the faith (in yourself).


Tom <<Tom -dot- Tomasovic -at- NATWEST-PLC-NY -dot- nwmarkets -dot- com>>

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for anything I say (unless, of course, I express it as a corporate

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Subject: Should I apply? [Ref:C469216]
Author: INTERNET TECHWR-L -at- LISTSERV -dot- OKSTATE -dot- EDU at Multimessage
Date: 12/4/96 4:42 PM

Yesterday, I received a letter, hand-delivered by the director of alumni
services (who, by the way, does not know me), which read (paraphrased):

. . . someone suggested that I contact you concerning a job
opening for Communications Manager at our local Chamber of Commerce.
If you'd like more information, stop by and see me. If you'd like
to apply, send your resume to ..."

Nancy Bean

**** "By making something absolutely clear,
you will confuse someone." -- Murphy's Laws on Life ****

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