Re: Advanced Degrees

Subject: Re: Advanced Degrees
From: John Ahlstrom <jahlstro -at- CISCO -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 09:00:34 -0800

Karen Wiley wrote:

<As for myself, I have assumed that my employers checked my educational
<credentials, just as some check pay "verities" by asking for your last pay
<stub from you previous employer. Didn't match what you claimed that first
<day of work, you were out. I have had to send for transcripts for some, but
<my current employer passes out forms first day of work; I have 3 degrees from
<3 schools--they gave me the three forms. They paid to get the information,
<but they were taking no one's word for it. Of course, working for a
<university such as Johns Hopkins, their putting great stock in formal
<education is a given.

I would interpret the behavior you describe as
being interested in honesty as much or more than
formal education. Naive me.

John Ahlstrom

"When a language critic complains about a word or construction, you can
be fairly certain that the target expression has already become common
enough to be considered standard and correct, and that if you read or
listen long enough, you will find the offending bit of language in the
language critic's speech or writing."
Dennis Baron
Guide to Home Language Repair

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