Re: Extended lists

Subject: Re: Extended lists
From: Beth Mazur <mazur -at- MAYA -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 14:35:01 -0500

At 12:55 PM 12/2/96 -0600, Stephen Victor wrote:
>Beth Mazur wrote:
>> I'm very sorry that I'm unable to make myself more clear! I did not mean
>> to suggest that there would be lists within lists. Rather, I wanted to
>> show three types of list items in as short a space as possible.

>Sorry, I must be dense today. If your question has been answered to your
>satisfaction, there's no point in perpetuating this thread. However, I'm
>still puzzled about the need for three different bullet indentations.

I do not need three different bullet indentations. I am trying to choose
the most readable bullet indentation of the three I have shown (outdent,
flush with left margin, *or* indent). I only want one of those three in
our documentation--the question is which one.

I am partial to indented bullet/enumeration lists. They seem to be the
most common type. Our graphic designers seem to prefer the outdent for
"design" reasons. However, I believe that type to be the most unreadable.
I was simply looking for feedback to either support or contradict my position.

Beth Mazur
MAYA Design
mazur -at- maya -dot- com

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