Re: Jobs, the industry, etc.

Subject: Re: Jobs, the industry, etc.
From: Brett -dot- Peruzzi -at- FDC-INVEST -dot- COM
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 14:46:17 -0400

Things are hot in Boston as well. I have been helping other groups within my
company fill a couple of contract positions and the availability of candidates
changes daily--nobody is out of work for long it appears.

The permanent opportunities are widespread too--very different from the early
'90s recession era. Headhunters seem to be more on the hunt for the few
qualified candidates to fill all the openings they have, rather than prospecting
for sparse openings for all the candidates they have.

And, yes, the technology chase is evident here too. A surprising number of
candidates whose resumes I've seen in the past year have little or no experience
with electronic documentation of any kind. I suspect that most people with high
demand skill sets (Win help, HTML, multi-media, networking, etc.) are constantly
employed and have people trying to recruit them, rather than them casting
resumes at any opening for which they are vaguely qualified, as so many un- and
semi-qualified candidates do.

Are there any headhunters (sorry--I mean placement specialists! <g>) lurking on
the list who can comment on this thread?

Brett Peruzzi
First Data Investor Services Group
Boston, MA
Brett -dot- Peruzzi -at- fdc-invest -dot- com
****Speaking for myself, not my employer****

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