Re: Indexing E. documents

Subject: Re: Indexing E. documents
From: Lori Lathrop <76620 -dot- 456 -at- COMPUSERVE -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 06:57:04 EDT

In response to David (The Unbiased) Blythe and Susan Self ...

I'm still in crunch mode, and the keyboard on my Mac (where I have my online
services) has gone absolutely bonkers ... so I'm up early today in hopes of
getting a jump on the last 200 pages of a data networks handbook that I still
have to index before Tuesday morning. However, I wanted to chime in again and
ask what I hope you won't think is a really dumb question: Are you interested
*only* in a Unix platform for indexing electronic documents? Okay ... I admit,
I have another dumb question; this one is about your definition of "electronic
documents": Are you concerned about indexing HTML documents for Web sites, or
are you also interested in indexing documents delivered on CD-ROM?

Some of the publishing houses I work with produce books, including their
indexes, on CD-ROM. I can use CINDEX (the indexing software I use) to create
the index and convert it to an RTF file. The publishers can then use that RTF
file when they produce the CD version of the book -- a full, indexed, and
searchable text of the book itself, along with software and demos. The
Windows-based CD-ROMs contain the full text of the book, including all graphics,
fully indexed in QuickSearch.

So ... are we talking apples and oranges here??? If you can provide a little
more info on exactly what you want to do, perhaps I can help (after I boogy down
the mountain to buy a new keyboard to replace this one, which has gone bonkers
and is giving me no end of frustration).

Another suggestion: Why not post your indexing questions on INDEX-L? To
subscribe, send a message to

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