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Subject: Re: Printing on CD Recordables
From: Bill Hartzer <XBJH%mimi -at- MAGIC -dot- ITG -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 09:33:54 CDT

From: Bill Hartzer XBJH

Subj: Re: Printing on CD Recordables
>"You're not likely to be able to print anything on the R-CD itself. Just ma
>the title on it as neat as you can with a felt tip marker. Make sure you
>stick to the ink printed area. Maybe a -small- sticky label will be ok, but
>I am not sure. Try putting a small label on a CD-rom demo that you have (an

>don't mind sacrificing) and test to see if you can still read it in a drive

Scott from HCI Consulting is absolutely wrong in what he said. IT IS NOT
LEAST IF YOU WANT TO USE IT AGAIN!) It is not necessary that you even
try to sacrifice an old CD. It would be a waste of time and money. I woul

not even suggest that you even attempt to write on a CD-R with a felt tip
marker. It would not ruin the data on the CD-R, but it would look extremely
unprofessional. There _ARE_ better alternatives.

As in a previous message that I posted, there are special printers designed
print on CD-Recordable media, and they are not very expensive. And if you
do not wish to purchase a CD-Recordable printer, a local service bureau shou
have one and would probably be willing to do the job for you. In my busines
I use a service bureau to duplicate CD-Recordables in quantities of, say, 25
or so
because my data changes on a weekly if not daily basis. This service bureau
only does the CD-R duplicating for me, but they professionally print on the
at no charge. It's included in the price.

Here's an excerpt from my previous message:

"To properly label a CD-R (usually done in very small quantities from your
desktop) there are two ways: one is to purchase sheets of labels that you
run through your laser printer or inkjet printer one at a time and then
use a special plastic labeling device that allows you to make sure that
the label is put on properly (so it lines up, etc.). There are several
manufacturers that make these labels (and I don't think Avery is one of
them). You can also buy the plactic device that helps you stick labels
on the CD-R; it costs about $79.

The second way to label a CD-R is to purchase an inket CD-R label printer,
which allows you to print directly onto the CD-R. It uses special ink,
and can print up to 256 usually only can print from a bitmap
or a .pcx file. The printer comes with software (you can create the
.bmp or .pcx in Corel Draw! if you prefer) that is required. Also, it
is recommended that you use very basic-looking graphics and text, as the
inkjet printer is only capable of printing something like 170 dpi or
the equivalent. This printer costs about $250-300, and hooks up to any
windows-based compatible PC. The only drawback? It only prints on CDs or
the cardboard templates/testers that it comes with."

Bill Hartzer or Bill Hartzer
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