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Date: Thu, 23 May 1996 09:15:00 EST

Daniel Wise (dewise -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com) asked whether, now that we're back from
the STC conference, we have any thoughts about what we'd do differently or
what we would do the same.

This was my first STC conference. I'm already lobbying to go to Toronto
next year. Based on this year's experience, here are my thoughts:

o I'll arrive at each session as early as possible, going straight
from one session to the next without a break. Several people posted
this advice here; they were spot-on correct. I missed one session
I really, really wanted because I got there a mere TWENTY minutes
ahead of time and the room was already full.

o I'll skip more of the networking lunches. I attended Monday and
Wednesday and enjoyed the conversation, but all that talking really
drained me. Both days, I was burned out by the end of the afternoon.
On Tuesday, I used the lunch period to spend some time by myself.
I was much more energized all afternoon.

o I will skip the awards dinner. I thought it would recognize
competition winners; instead, it congratulated new associate fellows.
I'm not all that interested in Society goings-on. I'd rather use
that evening to experience the city I'm in. (In defense of the
dinner, I did have a very nice conversation with the gentlemen
sitting on either side of me.)

o Instead of automatically staying in one of the STC-sanctioned
hotels, I will research other, more interesting places to stay.
One gentleman, a TECHWR-L lurker, told me of a wonderful bed-and-
breakfast he found. It was on a bus line that brought him downtown
every morning for the conference; it was in an interesting, historic
neighborhood; and it cost about half what my room at the Sheraton cost.

o Should I end up using an STC-sanctioned hotel, I will make
reservations directly with the hotel, rather than using the housing
form. The housing form introduces too many opportunities for error.
(I clearly wrote 5-9 May on the form. The Seattle Convention and
Visitors Bureau's faxback confirmation said 5-9 May. When I arrived
at the Sheraton, however, their computer said 2-9 May -- making me
a no-show. Fortunately, they had a room for me, but I had to argue
with them at length to have the charge for 2 May removed from my bill.)
I'd also like to point out that someone else on this list made direct
reservations, and got a *better* rate than that offered through STC.

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