Perhaps another Word Virus?

Subject: Perhaps another Word Virus?
From: Angela <amoore -at- SOFTDESK -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 21 May 1996 15:40:26 -0700

Could this be another Word Virus? I'm using Word 7 on Win95, and my =
toolbars keep messing up. They look fine until I do anything (like =
changing views) and then all the toolbars "redecorate" themselves. =
Little pictures cover the buttons, usually a graphic something that is =
not located anywhere else on the screen. Last time they were little =
computers, this time they are big question marks. They don't cleanly =
overlap, as if the bmp were being switched.=20

This could be a memory problem, or even something caused by the latest =
build from my developers. I think it could be a virus though, because =
three other people here are having similar problems.

Thanks for your help!
__^__ =20
(o o) =20
( ___ )
Angela Moore=20
(Does not express the opinion of Softdesk)
amoore -at- softdesk -dot- com
"Be careful about reading health books, you may
die of a misprint." - Mark Twain

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