Re: It's all Gutenberg's fault... :-)

Subject: Re: It's all Gutenberg's fault... :-)
From: DAVID IBBETSON <ibbetson -at- IDIRECT -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 21:38:49 -0400

Arlen writes:
>The invention of the electronic equivalent of Gutenberg's printing press was
>years ago, and it put graphics and text on an equal footing for the first
>time in a long time. But that's old news, not something just now happening.

>Maybe I just confuse easily.

Yes, for some years it has cost no more to include print an in-line map as a
preformatted page of text. The trouble is that the picture, map, or whatever
has to be DESIGNED and DRAWN in b&w. Another thread has been bewailing the
lack of money for any sort of artists, and the resultant--typically
doubtful-- illustrations produced by tech. writers, with the consequence
that manuals, or whatever, aren't as effective as they might be.

William Blake's books must have cost a small fortune when they first came
out. Today, using appropriate software (Including a scanner) the production
of the masters for 4-colour printing, which wasn't available to Blake, would
be much smaller (in real terms). Printing costs would depend on the length
of the print run.

P.S. I understand Gutenberg left spaces in his printed books for the
illustrator to insert the drawings that the purchaser of a manuscript would
naturally expect. In the same way, early horseless carriages were designed
like the ones that had real horses.

David (the idiot who can't draw) Ibbetson

David Ibbetson, Ontario, Canada ibbetson -at- idirect -dot- com

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Teach him but to name his tools.
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