Re: printing odd page sequences in Word

Subject: Re: printing odd page sequences in Word
From: Averil Strauss <averil -at- LEGENDCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 11:35:09 -0400

>Can anyone help with this oddball request from a client? They're a very
>low-budget operation; their manuals to date are printed in thie following
>The page size is exactly half a legal-size page. They print two pages per
>legal page, sideway, on a laser printer, then photocopy two-sided, then
>slice the stack down the middle and bind with a plastic spiral coil.

>What this comes down to is that they want to print odd sets of facing
>pages; if the book were 8 pages, say, they'd want to print page 1 and 8 on
>one legal page, then 2 and 7 and so on.

Not what I call oddball at all. Needing this sort of thing caused us to
develop a software package, currently in use at many DocuTech sites. And you
don't have to own your own DocuTech like Seagate, it's also fine on the
local HP with PostScript if you want smaller volumes.

>Apparently thay can do this with WordPerfect which they've used up 'til
>now. I've just finished a book for them using Word, with the previous
>agreement that they'd Docutech the result, and on the delivery date this
>question arose.
>Can Word do this kind of printing? Anyone know how?

All you require is the PostScript file from Word or assorted other software,
such as FrameMaker, Ventura (all versions), etc. You pull this PS file into
DoubleUP, crop the letter page down to 8.5x7 inches and print. Knowing WP, I
think you are referring to saddle-stitch printing, but for any document that
is too thick to fold like most manuals, I recommend Twin printing. Twin puts
2 copies of page 1 on the first side of the first sheet, 2 copies of page 2
on the second... The stack can then be sliced in half to obtain 2 complete
collated copies of the manual, reducing handling and the chance of error as
well as halving the cost of printing. The price is $369 in Canadian dollars
or $259 US.

Also, _please_ don't photocopy. It's unnecessary at any stage if printing to
a DocuTech, and it degrades the print quality. Illustrations are
particularly badly affected.

For further information, see our web page at Or you can
phone 800-668-7077.

A tech writer who has wound helping make TW software tools

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