Re: winhelp blues

Subject: Re: winhelp blues
From: Tim Altom <taltom -at- IQUEST -dot- NET>
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 10:34:00 EST

At 08:26 PM 5/15/96 -0700, you wrote:
>OK folks, I'm fed up (again) by M$ help.

>16-bit help file (3.1 compile) said:

> {bmc.bat.bmp} Getout %!ExecProgram("ACROREAD.EXE FILE.PDF",0)

>32-bit help file (4.0 comile) said:

> {bmc.bat.bmp} Getout %!ExecFile("ACROREAD.EXE FILE.PDF",0)

>16-bit help file works and 32-bit doesn't. I can get it to start ACROREAD
>if I leave off the file name and vice versa (since my machine is
>associating pdf's with acroread), but when I put them together the poor
>little lamb "can't find" them.

>Also, has anybody gotten exit() to function and if so, how? I want to
>follow the aforementioned exec with an exit, but it doesn't exit.

>Head banging stopping now.

Henry, I assume that Getout is a hotspot and you're having the Acrobat
reader open and load a file when you click on the hotspot.

ExecFile doesn't have dual parameters the way ExecProgram does. ExecProgram
can take both the name of the app and the name of the file. ExecFile needs
and will accept only one or the other. Make sure that the file isn't in the
baggage section, too, unless you unpack it first.

The reason that WinHelp doesn't exit is because, from its standpoint, it
hasn't finished the last macro command yet. In effect, it hasn't "reached"
exit yet, and won't because exit probably won't be executed when the focus
returns to WinHelp. WinHelp macros have lots of limitations, and this is one
of them.

A more certain way of handling this would be to write a brief DLL that
WinHelp calls instead of Acrobat Reader. The DLL would then call Reader and
close WinHelp, making cleanup much easier. Any Windows programmer should be
able to whomp one up within an hour or so.

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