It's all Gutenberg's fault... :-)

Subject: It's all Gutenberg's fault... :-)
From: Karen Otto <KAREN_OTTO -at- HP-SPOKANE-OM2 -dot- OM -dot- HP -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 09:32:28 -0600

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Before Gutenberg invented the movable type, documents were awesome.
Every page had a beautiful illustration.
However, once movable type existed, the illustrations almost
disappeared from documents.
It has taken computers to bring the cost of illustrations back down to
compare with the cost of mass-producing text.
Look for a renaissance of illustration in ALL documents, technical and

(I internalized the above material from something I learned recently,
but can't remember where. Maybe it was the STC conference, and a talk
on visual communications by Bill Horton)

I am very grateful for my editor and graphic designers. They make a
good effort at teaching me where in my outlines concepts can be better
presented graphically. I am also learning by myself where I can how to
recognize areas of the content that are best done graphically.

Take a look at some of the new consumer books for topics like Windows
95. There are many which have taken a two page spread and use
beautiful color illustrations to create most of the message. The one I
bought is called "How to Use Windows 95", by Douglas Hergert. Color on
absolutely every single page, and it's well used to get the messages
Any book like this will do to show you this principle. Go down to
Sam's or Costco. That's where I bought mine.

Karen Otto
karen_otto -at- hp-spokane-om2 -dot- om -dot- hp -dot- com

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