Re. Specialisation is for insects?

Subject: Re. Specialisation is for insects?
From: geoff-h -at- MTL -dot- FERIC -dot- CA
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 16:38:16 -0500

Michael Maloney raises the issue of how we'd feel, as writers, if the
graphistes asked what tools other artists used to do their technical
writing. Michael, point well taken; we'd probably feel slighted too.

As an editor, I'm fortunate to be in a job where I work with writers
and designers so that each of us does what we do best, but not without
consulting the others. Then we combine the results to get some neat
design synergies.

However, not everyone's so lucky. In this age of [oxymoron alert]
"rightsizing", many companies try to get one body to do three or more
roles. That makes the question of what graphics tools we use perfectly
appropriate. The question doesn't denigrate trained illustrators at
all, in my opinion; it merely recognizes the unpleasant reality that
most writers work for companies who will accept lower-quality results
than they could obtain by hiring a good editor and graphiste.

--Geoff Hart @8^{)} geoff-h -at- mtl -dot- feric -dot- ca
Disclaimer: Speaking for myself, not FERIC.

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