Re: copyright issues / binders

Subject: Re: copyright issues / binders
From: Jane Bergen <janeb -at- AIRMAIL -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 23:40:42 -0500

Edward Bilodeau[SMTP:Edward_Bi -at- CEO -dot- STS-SYSTEMS -dot- CA] wrote:

>CEO document contents:
>Would anyone know if copyright rules are different if your
>documentation is distributed in a binder (where pages can easily be
>removed) rather than in a bound format. I'm interested especially in
>when you have to use the (c), (r), and (tm) symbols when you mention
>product names in the text.

>It seems the common wisdom is that you only need to use a copyright
>symbol the first time you mention a product in your document.

This sounds like overkill to me. First about the binder.... what =
difference does it make if it is bound or in 3-ring binder? If someone =
is going to violate the copyright, they're going to retype it or scan it =
into an electronic form and merge it with their own work anyway. What do =
your legal experts think they'll do....cut and paste with Elmer's glue?

Your second issue is about using the symbols for copyright, registration =
mark, etc. All style guides I've ever seen have declared that you =
normally use the copyright symbol only the first time you use the name, =
or in logos (like Mouse pads or coffee mugs with advertisements). Using =
it for every occurrence in a technical document would not only look odd, =
but would diminish readability because it would be distracting. Tell =
your legal experts to look at a variety of documents from companies that =
have been around awhile and who have to find ways to fend off =
competitors constantly (i.e., Microsoft, Novell, Corel, etc.) and see =
how they do it. Publishing that symbol each time offers no more =
protection than putting it in your logos and your copyright page in your =
manual. Maybe your company needs some new legal experts, hmmm?

Jane Bergen

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