A question about gaining technical skills.

Subject: A question about gaining technical skills.
From: Paula Puffer <techwrtr -at- CEI -dot- NET>
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 18:00:38 -0500

Okay I admit that right now my frustration level is high, but I am =
really in a quandry as to how to solve this problem.

The situation is this:=20

I've been reading this list and am feeling out of my league here and I =
am not quite sure how to remedy the situation. I want to do computer doc =
(both paper and on-line) and had an interview today for a position that =
may or may not end up where I am doing both on-line doc (it's written in =
Word Perfect and then converted by the programmers from my =
understanding) and the end user manual, and was told this afternoon that =
I will most likely be brought in for the=20
user manual part but that the manager wasn't sure about the on-line doc =
I was also told yesterday in another interview that I did not have the =
"mechanical" skills that the company wanted. How do I gain enough =
"technical and mechanical" skills to be able to do both????

I have lots of flexibility in the platforms I can use (UNIX based =
systems, IBM PC, Macintosh, VAX/VMS). I am writing the basic computer =
procedures for the offices I currently work in because my co-workers are =
not as familiar with uploading, downloading, and working with HTML files =
between the mac and the vax as I am. Yet how do I make the jump from =
paper documentation to on-line help?
I don't have the budget to buy programs such as Framemaker, Interleaf, =
Robohelp. Nor do I have access to them at school. I do have access to =
PageMaker, Microsoft Office Professional (I think the version I have is =
4.0. It's pre-Win 95). I also have a high learning curve when it comes =
to learning how to use computer programs and other things. So how do I =
make the transition or start to make the transition???

Any ideas would be welcome at this time. And thanks for listening to my =

techwrtr -at- cei -dot- net

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