Re: WinWord for a large pjt/

Subject: Re: WinWord for a large pjt/
From: Averil Strauss <averil -at- LEGENDCOMM -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 17:10:53 -0400

>Gen Whitt asked about a RILLY big manual in Word.

The general wisdom is that Word cannot
>handle huge books.

>You can carry on with separate chapters, but it takes
>manual :) labor :) to make it all work.

An alternative, but expensive.

>1. Make several files, each with multiple chapters.
> The fewer the better.

>2. TOC each file. Index each file.

>3. Assign footer page numbers so that they follow
> from file to file.

>4. Manually assemble the TOCs and ?? hold as a
> separate file ?? Page numbers should come out
> just as assigned.

Instead, print all documents but the index to separate PostScript files.

>5. Manually assemble all Indexes, concatenated
> (appended into a series of indexes). Then run that
> file thru a sort to alphabetize the overall index.

6. Print combined index to PostScript.

7. Use DoubleUP Professional 4.0 to combine all PostScript print files, then
send to the printer. The catch is that DoubleUP Professional is $959 US so
unless you do a lot of this, need to update frequently, really need to
impose lots of pages on one sheet... :)

>Another problem that a Wise Old Graphics Specialist
>mentioned is that most printers, regardless of memory,
>cannot PRINT a file over 3-4 Meg. They just keep
>losing their place, stumble, and crap out.

My experience is that it's only the high-end printers that have this
problem, like imagesetters or DocuTechs. So on a DocuTech we always print
Twin (2 identical pages on each side of the sheet, which means you can split
the file at page 156 (sheet 78) and again later if need be. Then you can
stack batch 1 on batch 2 on batch ... Slice and bind.


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