Re: Justification/Apology

Subject: Re: Justification/Apology
From: "Higgins, Lisa R." <eilrh -at- EXCHANGE -dot- WCC -dot- ATT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 12:23:00 -0400

>Now I'm no perfectionist, and I know that the nature of mailing
>is that they can be a bit anarchic, but shouldn't this be moderated in
some way
> - if not by the listowner then by the members themselves?

It might help just a little if people thought for just a moment about
the sheer number of people who will be receiving their 2 cents worth on
Seattle's weather (HEY!!! I went there once, and it was raining!), or
their addlepated, dyslexic theories about mouse buttons.

Wow. I just got a "Me too!" message in my mailbox. Huzzah! I wonder if
the person who wrote it thought for a second about whether anyone would

><Story about stupid guy coming in for interview snipped>
>Please tell me if my expectations are too high?

Of course. The first question you should have asked yourself is, "Why is
this guy with 16 years of experience applying for a 3-month contract at
US WEST?" Sure, it could happen when the market's slow, but that
should've been a red flag for you nonetheless.

I don't know what you're paying there for these contract writers, but it
may help give you some perspective if you also looked into what the
agencies you're working with are taking out. It could well be that you
think you're getting a $75/hr. writer, when he's really being offered
$20. (Sorry about the American dollars there, but you get the idea.)

>I guess that's proof for the need of some kind of certification.

Yeah, that'll work. Just like ISO9000 enforces quality and bureaucracy
ensures efficiency.

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