Inventing new words?

Subject: Inventing new words?
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Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 11:29:22 EDT

and besides "prepend", there's things like "preboarding" and "preassigned".

i guess it's better than "preappend".


Imagine, if you will, a parrot. A large parrot. A parrot so large that he
completely fills the cage and in fact the cage is strained to contain the
bird. The parrot says, "Polly doesn't want any more crackers."


Two vultures are going to make their first plane trip. As they are packing,
one vulture says, "What if we get hungry? They probably won't have our
favorite food on the plane." The other vulture agrees and they go out and
kill a rabbit, dress him, and pack the food away. The birds arrive at the
airport to check in and the clerk asks, "May I check your bag?" and the bird
says, "No, thanks. It's carrion."


The writer/producer of Babylon 5 whose name i can't remember how to spell so
i won't once asked, "If you go to the International House of Pancakes in
Germany, can you order a Luftwaffle? Would you have to use a knife and fokker
to keep it from getting stuka to the plate?"

(jms tells it better, but, hey, i've just spent a morning fixing computers
that weren't broken....)

bill newkirk
rockwell avionics/collins
wenewkirk -at- rodes -dot- cca -dot- rockwell -dot- com

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