Re: Mouse-button names for southpaws

Subject: Re: Mouse-button names for southpaws
From: Jack Shaw <jsh -at- SOFTWARE-AG -dot- DE>
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 10:53:22 -0700

Being both confronted with this mouse button thing and also
being a leftie, I did a little informal coffee-break survey one
day and asked people of both hands, the following:

"Which mouse button is the primary mouse button?"

Righties and ambidextrous lefties answered, "this one..." and
indicated the left (default...) button. Hard-core lefties (like
me) with reversed button functions answered, "This one..." and
clicked or pointed to the right button (set up through the
Windows control panel or X-Windows command, or whatever, to suit
their needs...).

I also asked:

"Which button is the secondary mouse button?"

Those who had a need for it indicated the opposite side button.
A few said, "I only use one button..." or some such, indicating
to me that they weren't using second-button functions. When I
asked specifically, "Do you ever use 'another' mouse button?",
those with a three-button mouse answered by indicating the opposing
and only rarely the middle button.

The rare occasions when I found that someone would actually have and
use the middle button was usually heavy-duty "industrial" users
like CAD/CAM or whatever.

Bottom line: I came to the conclusion one could safely say,

* Primary button (left default or right when so defined)
* Secondary button (opposite side for three button; otherwise,
the obvious second button.
* Middle button (which was also understood by two-button types as the
rare use of both buttons).

But I'm still waiting for my rat...


Jack Shaw
The opinions of whom in no way reflect those of...
Software AG

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