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Subject: Re: HTML spaces... (#58656)
From: Bill Burns <wburns -at- MICRON -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 2 May 1996 16:02:35 -0600

2-MAY-1996 13:15:06.83

Bobby Collins asks:

>Does anyone know of a way to insert blank spaces into a line of HTML
>text? I know how to insert blank lines, and how to indent, but I
>can't find how to put in spaces. I use HotDog, but it doesn't offer any help.

>What I'm trying to do is space out text, putting some of it on the
>right, some in the middle, and some on the right of a line.

I can think of three ways to insert horizontal space. The one that seems most
appropriate for this instance is to use a table with one row and three columns.
Such a table would look like this:

<TABLE width=100%>
<TR><TD>Flush left</TD><TD ALIGN=MIDDLE>Centered</TD><TD
ALIGN=RIGHT>Flush Right</TD></TR>

This is also one way of creating columnar text layouts. Another possibility is
to use preformatted text and simply use line spaces to separate the text
entities you want to place. This option will require you to use a fixed-width
(nonproportional) font, so unless you do the entire document this way, I don't
recommend this approach.

The other possibility is to use David Siegel's single-pixel clear gif trick.
Essentially, you create a transparent gif that is only a single pixel in size,
then place it on your page and specify the size for the white space, like this:

<IMG hspace=x vspace=y SRC="../resources/dot_clear.gif">

You can use this trick to create tabs or other horizontal spacings. David Siegel
uses this method to create some very interesting page layouts. Check the Web
Wonk at the following URL for more tips on web design (with a definite
typography bias).> general tips ---> interesting use of white
space on the web

Bill Burns
Assembly Training and Documentation Supervisor

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