How to treat unwanted LISTSERV messages?

Subject: How to treat unwanted LISTSERV messages?
From: Shakespeare's Monkey <CARL_M1 -at- VERIFONE -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 13:12:06 -1000

Betsy Maaks writes:

At 03:09 7/31/95 -0600, you wrote:
>>Fifty years ago the ATOMIC BOMBS were dropped on JAPAN!

>>This is a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in Science, History or
>>Technology. Truly a unique opportunity to own an Artifact of World History.
>I'm gonna flame: I don't appreciate getting sales solicitations on this
>listserver, which is not intended for those who either have an "interest in
>Science, History or Technology," or in "owning an Artifact of World
>History." This is for questions/comments about tech writing. ANY object for
>an exchange of money HAS NO PLACE HERE.

>I strongly object to this type of soliciting on this listserver, and ask
>that you remove it, and cease and desist from doing it again. This applies
>to all subscribers.

>One unhappy subscriber, |-[

>Betsy Maaks
>The opinions expressed here are strickly my own.

I rather new to this list and list servers in general, but on Usenet,
the typical way to handle unwanted messages is to bounce it back to
the sender. When that send sees a mailbox full of "Don't send me your
solicitations" headers, the sender usually (but not always) gets the

What's the proper form (especially one that doesn't contribute to more
bandwidth wastage, such as mine)?

Carl Millholland

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