What do you call this?

Subject: What do you call this?
From: Richard Dimock <red -at- ELSEGUNDOCA -dot- ATTGIS -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 11:24:11 PDT

Actually you are all totally wrong, and the dictionaries
don't have a clue!

"Bit" is not a contraction, abbreviation, nor acronym.

"Bit" is an EXPANSION from the prefix "Bi-".

All of the good consonants were already taken considering
all languages, and the fact that this word should be the same
in all languages. At least that was the original intent.

By coincidence, the -t ending came about because the
representative of Kaiser Wilhelm asked for "More tea, please?"
(bitte) and the term was accepted and there you have it.

Dick Dimock, Artfully Senior Fantasy Writer
Fair El Segundo, CA

**EAT CROW Episode 11**
"That was mighty fine shooting, Johhny!
I make it 300 feet!"
"Aw shucks Farm. 'Tweren't nothin'".
"That's a fine piece you have. Your
"Yep. My daddy gave it to me when
I was 12. It's a Wurlitzer! Here, take
a look."

The farmer accepted the rifle, and
inspected the accurate weapon

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