Re[2]: Company Wide Change from WP to Word

Subject: Re[2]: Company Wide Change from WP to Word
From: Donna Menk <Donna_Menk -at- PC -dot- RADIAN -dot- COM>
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 15:41:25 CDT

Misti wrote:

>Master Documents do not work! I have lost work in testing this feature
>and I have known 5 others who have lost files or significant work trying
>to use this feature. You can construct long documents using INCLUDE
>fields and other techniques, but steer clear of Master Documents in Word.

>Make that 7 -- two of here at AT&T ACUS had similar problems.

Add me to the list. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with
Microsoft's support staff (who seemed to be genuinely trying to help
me), but the bottom line was that (1) I lost work (thank goodness for
those backup diskettes I'd made!), and (2) Microsoft's staff told me
that they couldn't reproduce my problem (ergo...).

I wasn't testing, BTW. I was on a project with a crushing deadline. The
time I spent recovering from the disaster was paid for out of my own
personal time with my family. I was not then nor am I now happy about
that. BUT--I learned from it. I do not trust W4W 6.0x, nor do I use
it for critical work unless I have no other option.

YMMV, all that. These are my opinions, paid for with my own midnight
oil and my own nuked TV dinners in lieu of a real meal.

(who holds really strong opinions that her employer shouldn't be
held responsible for)
donna_menk -at- radian -dot- com
Radian Corporation
Austin, TX

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