Re: Mouse vs. touch pad

Subject: Re: Mouse vs. touch pad
From: Beverly Parks <bparks -at- HUACHUCA-EMH1 -dot- ARMY -dot- MIL>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 08:16:59 MST

Bob Allen (re_allen -at- ccmail -dot- pnl -dot- gov) wrote-->
I tried a touch pad once. It was a non-moving pad shaped
like the screen. Moving a finger on the pad moved the
cursor. That was only a 5 minute test ride, so I don't know
about its ergonomissity (look ma, I coined a new word!), but I
think it would work well with a wrist support. It seemed to
have better control of the cursor than either the mouse or the
trackball. It did cost a lot more than a mouse--maybe when my
current mouse breaks the budget will be in better shape.
Here's a little tidbit I just learned about on Monday regarding
these touch pads. A woman I work with bought a Glidepoint touch
pad about 3 months ago. She absolutely loved it and has
convinced other people to purchase them. I took it on a brief
(about 10-minute) test drive and thought it was interesting.

Now, just last week she was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel
Syndrome in her "mouse" wrist. She firmly believes that the
touch pad contributed to her developing CTS. Prior to buying the
touch pad, she used a mouse for several years with no problems.

Think about this. If CTS is caused by small, repetitive
movements, wouldn't a touch pad be even a worse offender than a
mouse? While using it, your wrist is held stationary and you are
moving [usually] only one finger within a small (2"x3"?) area.
At least when using a mouse we move our wrist, and sometimes our
entire forearm.

These are just my thoughts coupled with a co-worker's personal
experience. There are no scientific studies or anything involved
here. :)

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