Censorship, whining, or Netiquette?

Subject: Censorship, whining, or Netiquette?
From: Karen Lane <kl8739 -at- PEGASUS -dot- CC -dot- UCF -dot- EDU>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 14:00:12 -0400

In response to Garret's rant about freedom of the 'Net:

Before you get on the anti-censorship soapbox, consider
that even those who have upgraded their modems to 14.4
and who subscribe to a local 'Net provider (instead of AOL)
still have restrictions that make long repostings at best
inconvenient and annoying, and at worse inaccessible.

Subscribers to the DIGEST cannot simply hit 'Delete' to
get rid of unwanted e-mail, at least without having to
forego reading the rest of the digest. When a Digest
comes in at 203KB of which 80% is uuencoded old Digest
stuff, and I've spent a lo-o-o-ong time downloading it
and scrolling through it, and this happens several times
a week, I tend to sympathize with the complainers
(not "whiners," Garret).

We have a good thing going here, and common sense, if
not actual Netiquette, requires some care be taken
to be a good citizen. Why not?

No one wishes to censor thoughtful comments, ideas,
contributions, but there is no excuse to burden
hundreds of your colleagues with contentless,
needless landfill.

Good housekeeping, Garret, does not qualify as

Karen Lane

Flame away--I won't delete you, since others may
have something more sensible to say.

(kl8739 -at- pegasus -dot- cc -dot- ucf -dot- edu) -- [that's 'kay-el'-8739]
or: (klane -at- digital -dot- net)

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