Re: HTML from Word for Windows

Subject: Re: HTML from Word for Windows
From: Valerie Westfall <westfall -at- UCS -dot- UBC -dot- CA>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 16:01:44 GMT

In article <07-10-1995 -dot- 9555 -at- ott -dot- hookup -dot- net>, stormjgv -at- ott -dot- hookup -dot- net (Gordon
Varney) writes:

> I have a 1100 page Word document all set to go to the printer. We've
> had a request for it in HTML. (Not to be actually put on the web, but as
> a cheap, viewable format for electronic publishing - seems there are
> HTML viewers for just about every OS.)

Microsoft offers a free add-on to Word 6.0a called Internet Assistant. I've just
started playing around with it, and it quite easily converts a Word document to
html by using the 'save as' command. That said, it still takes a bit of work to
make it look good and for it to take advantage of the hypertext features,
especially if the document wasn't designed with the web in mind.

> The Word style sheet that we've used is very basic. There are a couple
> tables but I can change them if I must.

It converts tables quite easily - I'm not sure how things would work if the
names in your original document where the same as the styles available in the
converted document

> Thoughts on tools?

It's available from Microsoft. ON the web:
Or on disk if you call them up.

- Valerie Westfall
\ / Valerie Westfall \ /
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\/\/ westfall -at- ucs -dot- ubc -dot- ca \/\/

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