Re: Should we unionize?

Subject: Re: Should we unionize?
From: David Demyan <concord -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 06:26:14 -0700

William Hartzer wrote:

>Should we have a Technical Writer's Union?

>Perhaps if there were a technical writer's union, the Union could establish
>rates and help with medical, dental, and benefits for those technical writers
>who are contract writers.

I think it would generally be a good idea, but the practice of writing under
union guidance would be daunting. Let's say there are 10,000 contract tech
writers in the US (let's just deal with America for now). How many do you
suppose would join the union? I would estimate less than half, about 5,000.
While we (the unionized) went about with our set rates and practices, what
would those 5,000 other writers be doing? Ans: They'd be bidding on the same
jobs we do. What if, for the sake of argument, these non-union writers set
their rates just $.50 per hour less than our standardized and published rates?
What would our unabashedly capitalistic clients do??? I'm sure they would
always look for the union label and pay our higher rates. :->

William, unless you can think of a way to get near-100 percent participation,
I don't see it working. Clients would not care if we were unionized, or, if
they did, they may be openly hostile to the idea. It would only work if we
could recruit nearly everyone.


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