Re: Recomendations for dtp software for windoze

Subject: Re: Recomendations for dtp software for windoze
From: Scott Turner <sturner -at- METRONET -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 16:43:41 -0500

In article <199506292043 -dot- NAA02862 -at- ix2 -dot- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com>, Bonni Graham
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> Dick Dimock wrote:
> >
> >I used Ventura 3 years ago on a large tech manual. I found it was
> >far easier to write in a WP pgm than to create text within Ventura.

> Actually, in its most recent incarnation, editing is quite nice. I'm
> fidning that I do most of my editing in Ventura, now, when I used to
> jump out to my word processor and reimport. The new version has a
> couple of different view modes that make editing easier, such a draft
> mode, which shows the page layout but hides all pictures automatically
> and a mark-up mode (I forget now what it's called), which lets you look
> at the text in a format similar to Word's Normal editing, with the
> style names associated with the paragraph displayed in a column on the
> left.

> >Ventura is (at that time anyway) set up to import text from most WP
> >sw, and then do the dtp thing with the imported text.

> It still does this quite nicely.

> Bonni Graham
> Manual Labour

We gave up Ventura 3 years ago (and breathed a sign of relief) since it
could not handle the complex documentation we wanted to produce. We
settled on FrameMaker and have been very happy with it.

FrameMaker imports several graphic file formats, text and Word/WordPerfect
files as well. It has several strong points, one being that you get the
whole package complete without having to buy all the options, as you do
with Interleaf.

FrameMaker also handles fonts easier than Interleaf. Any Type 1 Postscript
or True Type font will print.


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