Hello and help ...

Subject: Hello and help ...
From: "A.J. Janschewitz" <aj -at- AJ -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 30 May 1995 14:09:43 -0700

Hello, list denizens.

New to this list, and new to the area, I thought I'd speak up and
introduce myself. Entering the technical writing arena is a small step
from what I've been doing in government "service."

Writing and editing tax manuals has a lot in common with the more
high-tech craft plied by most of the people corresponding here. People
don't read tax manuals either. They are translations of hideously abstruse
statutory constructs (like that phrase) into something approaching plain
English. And you don't get employee discounts.

Before doing that, I wrote and produced radio and television commercials
and promotions, and ran a few stations, probably running up several
lifetimes' worth of karma in those endeavors.

I'm newly located in Sacramento, California, and would appreciate any
leads, pointers, and other food for food that you might have rattling
around in the bitbucket. I'm capable of telecommuting (with a fairly
complete home-office setup), and equally able to commute within a
reasonable distance of Sacramento.

I've had a few contract offers from the San Jose area, but it's too far
from family.

So hello, here's hoping that at some point I can offer as well as ask. A
few people around here can vouch that I'm a reasonable facsimile of what I
claim to be. I'll close with a snip from my "gimme work" pitch:


I know computers. I know media. I can learn nearly anything, and write
about it in a way that makes people notice and understand.

I explained an income tax to an entire state, and lived to tell about it.

Now I'm looking for a company that is a little bit off plumb, and can
appreciate the skills of a renaissance communicator.

I read style guides for recreation, have written them for large groups,
and know the flow and flaws of English.

If you are looking for someone to do the impossible, and make life in your
office better at the same time, please email me at aj -at- aj -dot- com for my

A.J. Janschewitz <<-=->> aj -at- aj -dot- com <<-=->> primum non nocere
"All great truths begin as blasphemies." - George Bernard Shaw

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