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Subject: Re: Lists of Tables/Figures
From: Linda Anderson <lindaa -at- EMTEK -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 10:02:21 -0700

I use a different approach to tables and figures. Rather than creating
specific lists each for tables and figures, I list them separately in the
table of contents, within the sections in which they can be found.

For example:

Section I -- Widgets Page

Introduction 1
Assembling the Widget 3
Starting the Widget 7

Inserting the gizmo 3
Mounting the widget 4

Table 1 5
Table 2 6

Section II -- Whatchacallits

It has been my experience that this makes locating figures and tables a
little easier than merely supplying a long list of all the figures/tables
included in a publication. It seems to provide the reader with a point of
reference, so that if they have an idea of the name of what they're
looking for, they can got to the section that deals with that article and
locate it a little quicker.

This may not work in every instance, but for the manuals I've done, it
seemed to be very helpful.

Hope this helps.


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On Tue, 23 May 1995, Kat Nagel/MasterWork wrote:

> Phil Hellerman wrote:
> >We are drafting new documentation standards for use within the technical
> >writing group. One individual feels strongly that List of Tables and List of
> >Figures as items included within the front matter of a document are passe'.
> >As she put it "its too technical looking".

> As a user, I find these tables *very* helpful. I often need to refer to a
> particular table or figure, and trying to find them in a regular index is
> frustrating.

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