Re: Login or Logon?

Subject: Re: Login or Logon?
From: Suzanne Lee <suzanne -at- AUTOSIM -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 14:03:11 -0600

Chani Sacharen asks:

>I had a major discussion on this issue today. Personally I prefer using
>the term "log in to the application", or referring to the "Login screen".

>Do we:
>Log in or on?
>Log out or off?


I've seen both. I don't know any formal distinctions, but here's how I've
heard them used:

Often, people will "log on" to a machine (verb), but have a login to a
machine (noun).
"I logged onto the server."
"I have a login on the server." <<------ this can mean both a
password/account and an open window that is logged onto another machine,
i.e., "I'm logged into so-and-so's machine right now." Also, "log in" is
generally used at my company for applications that require passwords: "I'm
logged into the database."

Our company uses "log in" and "log out" most of the time.

from Suzanne Lee - suzanne -at- autosim -dot- com
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