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Subject: Re: many efforts
From: Marc Santacroce <santa -at- TFS -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 10:23:43 -0800

At 3:55 AM 5/20/95, douglas_thayer wrote:
>Dear All:

>My [American] co-worker is having some difference of opinion with the
>Chairman of our company over a sentence in the English translation of the
>company profile. The phrase in question:

>"...developed through many years of effort,...

>The Chairman would like to say "many years of EFFORTS"; the editor is
>adamantly opposed (with some justification) to this change. As a native
>speaker of English (the Chairman is not), the editor feels certain of his
>position, but he has been unable to justify it with rules of grammar.

>The collective wisdom of this list would be valuable as decision-making
>support. Please help! Tempers are flaring; cross-cultural relations are

>Also, we welcome opinion on the use of the preposition "with" in the
>following: "...the best way to reciprocate with our customers for their
>many years of patronage..." Is this preposition necessary?

>Douglas Thayer
><douglas_thayer -at- smtplink -dot- syscom -dot- com -dot- tw>
>Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Re: "...developed through many years of effort,...

IMHO, you are right, but, if it's causing that much trouble, reword the
sentence, ie:

...much effort has been expended over many years,...
...our many years of research and development...

Re: "...the best way to reciprocate with our customers for their
>many years of patronage..."

reword to: "the best way to reciprocate for our customers many years of

Just one writer's opinion...



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