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Subject: Re: many efforts
From: "Arlen P. Walker" <Arlen -dot- P -dot- Walker -at- JCI -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 20 May 1995 23:52:00 -0600

The collective wisdom of this list would be valuable as decision-making
support. Please help! Tempers are flaring; cross-cultural relations are

Here's my best shot: The "effort" spoken of is the effort put forth by many
people working toward a single goal, and each of their individual efforts was
put forth in a collective whole, so it becomes the singular effort of the
company. The fact that this collective effort spanned many years does not in
itself make it plural. The years are simply a measurement of it.

Also, we welcome opinion on the use of the preposition "with" in the
following: "...the best way to reciprocate with our customers for their
many years of patronage..." Is this preposition necessary?

Get rid of the "with", and while you're at it make sure the "reciprocate" goes
with it. "...the best way to repay our customers for..." or "... the best way to
reward our customers for..." both flow much better. "Reciprocate" is one of
those wonderful English words which many people know the meaning of, but few
people use during the course of their lives. Because of that it has a tendency
to make the speaker sound pretentious.

Remember, all this is simply one man's opinion.

Have fun,

arlen -dot- p -dot- walker -at- jci -dot- com
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