Using Word 6.0 to Produce Long Manuals

Subject: Using Word 6.0 to Produce Long Manuals
From: Marcia Coulter <notjust -at- IX -dot- NETCOM -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 20 May 1995 15:59:43 -0700

Peter Boothby wrote about his difficulties with creating manuals with
Word 6.0.

Sue Gallagher replied with lots of truly useful tips. I know; using
these methods, I've produced untold numbers of long (very!) manuals. It
can be done!


>Step 1 is to divide your document into manageable chunks. I
>generally make each chapter its own doc. Set the page numbers
>to all begin at 1 if you're using chapter-based numbering, or
>set everything to "continue".

>Use heading level styles to mark entries that you want in your
>TOC and embed you index entries in the usual way. Don't use a
>whole lot of cross-refs (or at least don't be too specific). I
>usually stick with "see xxxxx in Chapter y".

>Create your own master document by creating a new doc and
>filing it with RD statements. You'll find RD on the Insert
>menu (Codes I think) - and RD is under index and TOC codes.

>Each RD statement includes complete or relative path to one
>of the documents in the book (in order). When you're ready
>to generate your book, open your "master" doc, run the TOC,
>run the Index, and print. The TOC and Index will appear in
>your "master" doc.

Marcia Coulter
notjust -at- ix -dot- netcom -dot- com

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