Frame vs. Publisher vs. ?

Subject: Frame vs. Publisher vs. ?
From: Grant Lowe <Grant_Lowe -at- CPQM -dot- SAIC -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 14:37:03 U

Hi gang. First of all I want to say thanks for all the replies I've gotten
regarding my question last week about bills of material. I actually got a
consensus about using bill (or bills) of material.

Well, anyway, I have another quandry. I'm now working for this MIS department
as the only tech writer. My boss is willing to buy me what I need to get my
job done :->. All he wants me to do is justify it. He will take my word
about which product I'm most productive in. His concern is, if I leave the
company in x amount of time, will the desktop publisher he buys for me, still
be around. So he wants me to: one, look back a few years to see how long the
various desktop publishers have been in business; second, based on the first
assumption, work up to the present and see what is happening to the market
share of these desktop publishers; and three, extrapolate where these
companies might be going with their development, market share, and so on. I
want to know all this info for Windows, not the Mac or UNIX.

So, does anybody have any data of the various market share of Frame, Microsoft
Publisher, etc., to say nothing about features of same?

Specifically, right now I'm using Word. I'm creating various screen dumps
using the "print screen" button. This creates bitmapped images, which are
making the documents huge! I really would like to use Frame, as it handles
large files so much faster, and much more elegantly than Word. Maybe Word can
do it, but I don't know how.

Thanks for your time!


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